Litigation in Philadelphia

Real Estate Litigation

Do you have a residential or commercial real estate dispute? Mr. Dimmerman handles confession of judgment matters, fraud, contract, negligence, specific performance, breach of warranty, condominium litigation, mechanics' liens issues, Philadelphia Housing Authority appeals, tax redemption matters, partition litigation, quiet title, suits against home inspectors, sellers, realtors, landlord-tenant, injunctions, real estate mediations, ejectment actions, foreclosure defense, defense for architects, home inspectors, property managers and more.

Commercial Litigation

Is your company being sued? Do you need to sue another business? Has a judgment been confessed against your company? Is there a contractual dispute? Mr. Dimmerman handles a variety of commercial litigation matters and would like to assist you today. 

Legal Malpractice

Did your attorney commit a costly error? Did this attorney fail to file suit in a timely manner for instance or exhaust your administrative remedies? Has that lawyer's mistake resulted in your suit being permanently dismissed, thereby depriving you of your ability to pursue otherwise valid legal claims. Harper J. Dimmerman, Attorney at Law in Philadelphia, does not charge for consultations to discuss this type of litigation in Philadelphia.